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Navista The Public Affairs Group, Inc. is a Washington, DC-based public affairs firm specializing in creating and supporting collaborations, coalition and organizational management, and strategic counseling.
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Alex Beehler

Alex A. Beehler & Co., LLC

Alex Beehler is the President of Alex A. Beehler & Co., LLC and Member, Earth and Water Law, LLC.  In these two capacities, Alex provides consulting services on environmental and energy matters for clients dealing with federal agencies, particularly the Department of Defense and the military components.  Alex is also Visiting Scholar, Environmental and Energy Management Institute (EEMI), George Washington University (GWU), specializing on water, public-private partnerships, and sustainability issues.

Alex has 38 years of Washington, DC policy and law experience, most of which in the environmental, energy, and sustainability fields. He has worked for several federal agencies, the Senate Judiciary Committee, a major corporation, and a non-profit corporate-member association. His most recent public service was at the Department of Defense (2004-2009) where he served as Assistant Deputy to the Deputy Under Secretary for Environment, Safety & Occupational Health, then Principal Deputy to the Deputy Under Secretary for Installations Environment and became the Department’s first Chief Sustainability Officer. He also served several months as Acting Deputy Under Secretary.

Alex is a board member of TechLaw Holdings, Inc., Chantilly, Virginia and an advisory board member of EEMI at GWU.  He also is board chair of the National Center for Sustainable Development, Washington, DC, and board member of Resources First Foundation, Yarmouth, Maine, and the Advisory Committee of New Course, Seattle, Washington, a non-profit organization strategically targeting humanitarian/development self-help assistance to women.

Alex is also currently a member of the Landscape Conservation Cooperative Network Council, U.S. Department of Interior, board member of Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, Annapolis, MD, and of Imagine Schools, Arlington, VA, one of the largest non-profit charter schools organization in the U.S. He is the founder of the Environmental Policy Group, a monthly luncheon speakers forum on topics of current interest, and co-founder of the Security and Sustainability Forum which produces webinars on issues which intersect national defense and sustainability.

Alex has an A.B. from Princeton University, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and a J.D. from the University of Virginia School of Law.