Anita Bahe
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Anita Bahe

Anita R. Bahe, PhD, has over 30 years of professional experience in disciplines specific to agriculture, environment, ecology and policy concerns. She has been at the forefront of sustainability and systems thinking throughout her career.  Having worked for government, corporations, small businesses, non-profits and academic institutions she developed a breadth of practical knowledge and insights into diverse decision frameworks.  This has informed a consulting practice focused on creating strategies and solutions to pressing challenges leading to positive change.

Early in her career she had the opportunity to see first hand the importance of well executed scientific research to inform public policy and as the Interim Director of the NC Environmental Technologies Consortium began to understand the pitfalls and potentials associated with technology development.  Her background growing up on a farm in Nebraska provided hands on experience in agriculture and subsequently working in sales, marketing and R&D in the ag chemical industry.  These diverse experiences resulted in the desire to pursue opportunities that advanced sustainable principles related to environmental and resource management, economic investments, and business practice.

After returning to graduate school and completing her Masters and Doctoral studies she worked extensively in real estate development as a sustainability consultant to resort, golf and brownfleld clients. Several projects received recognition for environmental and sustainability accomplishments, as always with the work of a great team.  In addition she retained relationships with many researchers from academia, NGOs, and private companies which provided opportunities to provide contract research participation on topics such as Antibiotic Resistance from Environmental Exposure; Emerging Contaminates and Climate Change; Biosolids and Waste Management Alternatives; Wastewater Re-use and Policy; Economic and Taxation Analysis (influence on land-use planning).  She conducted seminars related to ecosystem services and environmental markets, water and waste reuse practices, and resource management.  During this time she also served as a technical advisor to several D.C. based Risk Communications firms.

Recently she has worked as a business development consultant for organizations advancing clean technology and innovative solutions to climate, energy, water and agriculture needs. This work has effectively required interfacing with investors, finance professionals, policy analysts and scientific and engineering experts focused on driving solutions to global concerns.

Anita has a B.S. in Wildlife Biology and Natural Resource Management from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln; a Masters from North Carolina State University (NCSU) in Crop Science, Ecology and Natural Resources; and a PhD administered jointly by NCSU and UNC-Chapel Hill in Environmental Science and Public Policy.