Natalie Pryde
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Natalie Pryde

Natalie Pryde has over 25 years of experience in Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability.  She has held various roles in industry and consulting supporting a variety of industry sectors including automotive, commercial real estate, oil and gas, chemical, life sciences, agriculture, healthcare services, telecommunications, transportation, warehousing and distribution, retail, and manufacturing.

Throughout her career, Natalie has been engaged in the development and implementation of critical global programs. She is recognized for her skills in strategy implementation, technology application and innovation, social and environmental policy as well as team development and engagement.  She has led diverse teams supporting multi-million-dollar EHS programs providing technical and operational support on a global level.  Critical to her success is her ability to establish strategic direction and guide teams to successfully implement complex programs while maintaining strong communication with key client and corporate leadership ensuring long standing business relationships.  She applies behavior-based and human factors methodologies to build strong cultures and drive resiliency throughout organizations assuring successful outcomes in diverse systems.

Committed to engaging across sectors and creating collaborative working environments, Natalie has participated in multiple professional activities promoting sustainability.  She served on the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Renewable Resources and Alternative Energy Industry workgroup defining materiality aspects.  Additionally, she has presented or led sustainability strategy discussions in association with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (currently Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes & Energy) and the American Chemical Society.

Natalie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Systems from Kettering University and a Doctorate degree in Naturopathy from Clayton College of Natural Health.  She also holds a Wellness Counselling Certificate from Cornell University.