Roland Mostovy
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Roland Mostovy

Sustainability Consultant

Roland Mostovy has over thirty years in the food and chemical industry with experience in managing environmental, health, safety and process safety programs and developing and implementing EHS management systems. In his most recent role, Roland was the Corporate Sustainability Manager for Ashland Inc. a global speciality chemical manufacturer.

Since 2011, he managed and directed Ashland sustainability policies and programs, annual reporting, environmental goals, and chaired Ashland’s product product segmentation committee. Prior to joining Ashland, Roland worked for International Specialty Products where he was the Senior Environmental Manager, where he directed and implemented ISP’s Responsible Care initiative and managed the global environmental auditing program. In other roles, he managed and directed ISP’s employee and process safety program.

Roland holds a B.S. degree in Science Education from Widener University, a Business Management degree from Rutgers University and M.S degree in Management Science from Stevens Institute of Technology